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Div. 33 Lt. Governor Rudy Arambula

Calendar: 1997-98 Year

July 12, 1997
COT for Presidents & Secretaries Training, Northminister Presbyterian Church.
September 18, 1997
Division 33 Lt. Governor Installation, Holiday Inn Select.
October 1, 1997
Official Year Begins - Serve from the Heart.
November 7, 1997
Student Government Day, NOR Vet Hall.
November 4,1997
Div. 33 Club Revitalization Chair and Kern VP Tammy Lodermeier published a Directory of Division 33 Events (Charities, Fundraisers and Service Projects) with all 12 Club Presidents signing the cover (24 pages).
November 20, 1997
Governor's Official Visit, Holiday Inn Select.
November 26, 1997
Division 33 Blood Drive, NOR Vet. Hall, Bill Altmiller, Chair.
December 31, 1997
1981-82 Lt. Gov. Jim Treanor published the 1997-98 Directory of Members & Their Business (43 pages).
January 1, 1998
Rose Parade Kiwanis Float, Pasadena, CA.
January 10, 1998
City of Bakersfield Centennial Parade - Division 33 Float with riders: VP Sid Unruh & Lt. Gov. Rudy Arambula (South Bakersfield) and VP Tammy Lodermeier (Kern). The decorators & riders were Pres. Sheila Hayden & IPP David Punt (Bakersfield).
January 17, 1998
President Elect Planning Conference (PEPC), Northminster Presbyterian Church, Bakersfield, CA. (Eight PE of 12 attended)
February 7, 1998
South Mid-Winter Conference, San Diego,CA. Tehachapi Kiwanis Club had the only interclub with the following members: Pres. Chuck Stowell, VP Sara Moen, PE Rex Moen, PP Al Gregg, Gene Neuhalfen, and PP Jack Conley.
March 6-7, 1998
District Board & North Mid-Winter Conference, San Jose, CA. with International President Walter Sellers and First Lady Irene visiting Cal-Nev-Ha District. Lt. Governor Rudy Arambula had 29 members from 9 Division 33 clubs. The following enjoyed an outstanding conference: Bakersfield Pres. - Sheila Hayden, PE Bob Doozan, IP David Punt, and Michael Bush; Golden K - Pres. Sunny Scofield and PE Ruth Mc Clain; Kern - Pres. Phil Field, Honorary & First Lady Leah Field, VP Tammy Lodermeier, Fuchsia Ward, and PSDLG John Stephenson; Oildale - Pres. Bridgette Bonnet, PE Wayne Deats, VP Jack Roth, and LGE Marvin Fuller; Shafter Marvin Fuller, Jr.; South Bakersfield - LG Rudy Arambula, VP Sid Unruh, PP Karla Jadwin, and PLG Tom Johnson; Taft - Pres. Gary Holton, PE Kathy Orrin, IP Howard Konst, Jr., and Dan Manchester; Tehachapi - PE Rex Moen and VP Sara Moen; Westchester - Pres. Bob Davis, PDLG Phil Niederauer, and PLG Jim Turner.
April 3-5, 1998
Kiwin's District Convention, Woodland Hills, CA.
April 4, 1998
Kern presents 1998 Junior Miss Program Celebrating 26 years of excellence at Harvey Auditorium, 7:00 p.m. Mindi Ehrlich of Centennial High was the winner. Lt. Governor Rudy Arambula was a presenter. Rosedale Kiwanis Club also provided a scholarship award.
April 17-19, 1998
Key Club District Convention, Santa Clara, CA.
May 2, 1998
Worldwide Service Project - Iodine Deficiency Disorders Day & Divsion 33 IDD Walkathon was held at the California Living Museum (CALM), 14000 Alfred Harrell Highway using a 10K (6.2 mile) course starting and ending at CALM. Division 33 WSP-IDD Chair Paul Combs reported that the event raised $5,295 which helped 105,900 kids not have IDD. Those walking/rocking represented 10 Kiwanis clubs, six Key clubs, and one each Kiwin's club, Circle K club and K Kids club. Paul thanks his committee for an outstanding effort: Bakersfield: Pres. Sheila Hayden, East Bakersfield: Norman Lohr, Golden K: PP George Thomson, Kern: Pres. Phil Field and PSDLG John Stephenson, Rosedale: Mike Taylor, Shafter: Rod Wiens, South Bakersfield: Lt. Gov. Rudy Arambula, Taft: PP Howard Knost and Fred Cossum, Tehachapi: Chair PP Paul Combs and Treas. PP Eldon Grimes, Westchester: PDLG Phil Niederauer.
May 11, 1998, 12:00 p.m.
Division 33 Prayer Lunch will be hosted by Bakersfield Kiwanis Club - Shelia Hayden President, 805-861-5215. Division 33 Human & Spiritual Values Chair PLG Jim Turner, 805-366-1241.
May 21, 1998
3rd Annual Tehachapi Kiwanis Charity Golf Tourament - 12 Noon shotgun start, Stallion Springs Horse Thief Country Club, Rex Moen(805)823-9207 or Jack Conley (805)822-6801.
June 4-7, 1998
4th Annual Kern Kiwanis Million Dollar Hole-In-One Shootout, Stroke Cutters. PSDLG John Stephenson, MDHIOS Chair, reported the event raised $15,068 for local charities and Iodine Deficiency Disorders. A total of 431 golfers participated in this year's 2-1/2 hour Saturday rains shorten event. The Semi-finals had a total of 204 golfers that qualified 1374 shots to the pin. During the ten single-shot Finals, no golfer made a $1,000,000 hole-in-one. Dr. Tom Berry was 1st place with 8.92' and $1,000, Wayne Tidwell was 2nd place with 17.67' and $500 and Bryan Porter was 3rd place with 22.79' and $250. A total of 62 members worked 732 hours on this event.
July 3-7, 1998
Kiwanis International Convention, Montreal, Ouebec. Lt. Governor Rudy Arambula had 22 members with 20 guests from 10 clubs. The following enjoyed an outstanding convention plus a wonderful city of Montreal: Bakersfield - PE Bob Doozen (1), Sec. Lauren Handley (3) & PP Tony Tarango; Golden K - Pres. Sunny Scofield & PE Ruth McClain; Kern - Pres. Phil Field (1) & Charles Neville (1); Oildale - PE Wayne Deats (1) & VP Jack Roth (1); Rosedale - Jona Feil (1), Lee LaFrenze (1), PE Hugh McGowan (1) & Pres. Paul McAdams; Shafter - PLG Harvey Brockmeyer (1); South Bakersfield - PSDLG John Stephenson; Taft - PE Kathy Orrin (1); Tehachapi - Rex Moen (1) & Sarah Moen (1); Westchester - PE Steve Corbin (3), PDLG Phil Niederauer (1) & PP Paul Weller (1).
August 13-16, 1998
Cal-Nev-Ha District Convention, Sacramento, CA. Lt. Governor Rudy Arambula had 30 members with 2 Honorary members from 10 clubs. The following enjoyed an outstanding convention plus a wonderful city: Bakersfield - Pres. Sheila Hayden, PD Bob Doozen, & Pat Rogers; East Bakersfield - PSDLG John Stephenson; Golden K - PD Ruth McClain & Carmen Balch; Kern - Pres. Phil Field, Leah Field (H) & Fuchsia Ward; Oildale - PD Wayne Deats, PED Jack Roth, LGD Marvin Fuller & Matt Collier; Rosedale - Pres. Paul McAdams & LGED Ray Hacker; South Bakersfield - LG Rudy Arambula, Pres. Bob Winchester, PD George Semchak, SD Joel Park & PLG Mel Khachigian; Taft - Pres. Gary Holton, PD Kathy Orrin, Sec. John Duffy & Adele Ward; Tehachapi - Pres. Chuck Stowell, PLG Lynn Buttcane & Pat Buttcane; Westchester - Pres. Bob Davis, PDLG Phil Niederauer, Ruth Niederauer (H), PLG Jim Turner & PLG Sherio Shively.
September 18, 1998
1998-99 Governor Bob & First Lady Doe Maurer were at Hodel's Restaurant to retire 1997-98 Lt. Gov. Rudy Arambula (South Bakersfield) and to install 1998-99 Lt. Gov. Marvin Fuller (Oildale). PLG Rudy Arambula gave a gift to PP Karla Jadwin for his Sept. 18, 1997 Installation. (Left picture are 1998-99 Governor Bob & First Lady Doe Maurer.) (Right picture taken of Lt. Gov. Rudy Arambula and PP Karla Jadwin.)