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Content: This page contains background information and goals of our Lt. Governor.


Division 33 Lt. Governor Sullivan is relatively new to Division 33. He and his wife of 54 years moved from Division 26 Antioch to Bakersfield in August of 2015. John immediately upon arriving in Bakersfield, joined the Westchester Kiwanis Club. John has been a Kiwanian for 5 years.

John and Mary both grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and are avid Green Bay Packer fans. John's Dad took him to his first Packer game in 1952. The game was against the Los Angeles Rams at a sold out, 12,000 seat Marquette Stadium in Milwaukee. Bob Waterfield was the Ram's starter that day with a young quarterback named Norm Van Brocklin on the bench. That's how that started.

John enlisted in the Navy in 1959 after giving college a try for 6 months and realizing that school was not for him. After graduating from radar school, John was assigned to the USS Somers, DD947. He spent the next 3.5 years serving aboard that destroyer and making 3 trips to the Western Pacific. John and Mary were married in September of 1962 in Milwaukee and after a brief honeymoon, drove back to San Diego, where John's ship was home ported. They rented an apartment in Pacific Beach for the remaining 6 months John had left in the Navy. They returned home to Milwaukee where the first of their 5 children were born. Then, a new baby arrived every two years until the last one, who came three years after the 4th one. So, now we were 7. John, Mary, Brian, Shawna, Bridget, Casey and Darby. That was 1972. Now, we are a lot more. 14 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

John got out of the Navy in April of 1963 and in May found a job in sales and spent the next 50 years in sales. 40 of them as a Sales Manager. Most of those years were spent in the two way radio industry. One of the best jobs was a 10 year job selling low cost radio/telephone systems in third world countries and emerging nations where cellular infrastructure was too expensive to install. Each month, for two weeks, I would travel to some third world country or emerging nation. Russia was my biggest market and I travelled their 3 or 4 times a year for 10 years. Between my Navy days and this job, I have visited over 130 countries. Favorites: Russia, Botswana and Namibia. Botswana and Namibia because of their enlightened governments. Two jewels in the middle of troublesome continent. Russia because I watched it grow from a socialist economy to a market economy. Not many people get a chance to observe that in their life. And, the people. And the culture. And the food.

I retired in 2013 and can devote all my time to giving back to the community.


1. +1 Membership on September 30, 2017

2.     5 Dunlap Awards to help Pediatric Trauma

3.     15 Distinguished Service Awards

4.     1 Rose Float Medal

5.     Involve Every Club in Fund Raising for the Kiwanis Rose Float

6.     Collect outstanding pledges for Project Eliminate

7.     100% Giving to Club Gift Campaign

8.     100% Club donations to District Foundation

9.     1 Zeller Award in theDivision

10.     Build An Aktion Club In Division 33

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