Cal-Nev-Ha Division 33 Links to Club Pages

Cal-Nev-Ha Division 33 Links to Club Pages

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Contents:This area contains a list of Clubs in Division 33 of the Cal-Nev-Ha District of Kiwanis International.

A club name appearing in color indicates that club has a home page on the WEB.

Time & Location of Division 33 Club Meetings

Kiwanis Club of Delano (President Cindy Kinsey)

Kiwanis Club of Downttown Bakersfield 3-2-1 (President Desiree Von Flue)

Kiwanis Club of Kern, Bakersfield (President Shirley Ventura)

Kiwanis Club of Oildale (President Duncan Low)

Kiwanis Club of Rosedale, Bakersfield (President George Bronson)

Kiwanis Club of Shafter (President Eosa Romero)

Kiwanis Club of South Bakersfield (President Thomas Johnson)

Kiwanis Club of Taft (President Gary Holton)

Kiwanis Club of Tehachapi (President Alysia Bailey)

Kiwanis Club of Westchester, Bakersfield (President Christopher "Chric" Hall)

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